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Mailorder Co-Op Adsheet.
"AdMagicUSA Adsheet" is a mail order co-op print media advertiser. A one page 8½x11" standard size adsheet with a BIG difference.
Published by — J. Kirkman
The BIG difference is YOU keep all the cash and we fill all your advertising orders for just a couple of stamps. "AdMagicUSA Adsheet" is an all profit co-op adsheet.
Ad space fee for camera-ready display ads is:
1" - $8 and 2" - $12. Remember, YOU keep all the ad fee for yourself and we fill your ad orders for TWO first class U.S. stamps which are also supplied by your advertisers.
What better or easier way to add extra income to your mail order home-based business. Just copy the camera-ready original of your adsheet on the back of one of your circulars (so it rides along in your mail free) and pick up some extra advertising income.
Your original will have your ad(s) and also be professionally imprinted with your name and address as "Co-Publisher" -
To get started send your 1" ($8) or/and 2" ($12) black and white camera-ready display ad original(s) along with TWO First Class U.S. stamps per ad, to me today. I will RUSH your c/r original, imprinted adsheet on its way back to you by return mail - along with details "how to get maximum profit from your adsheet" - by J. Kirkman.
Display ad size is 1" or 2" in height and not more than 2¼" in width. Oversize ads will be reduced to fit.
Ad design and typesetting is available at $8 per inch extra - in case you have no camera-ready ads now or need a new one for the adsheet (no commission paid for typesetting).
For a sample copy first send two U.S. first class stamps to:
J. Kirkman (Dept. AMA)
P.O. Box 509
Guyton, GA 31312-0509

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